Builders Insurance

Builders and Construction Insurance

Builders Insurance

As a builder it can be hard to find insurance at a reasonable price as most insurers consider construction to be high risk. That’s where Trident Business Insurance come into the equation. Our experienced insurance consultants will make the task of finding, for example, public liability and/or employers liability cover easier and will make sure of offer you the best premiums available to you.

Our core Builders and Construction Insurance covers:

  • Public Liability up to 10 million
  • Temporary Employee cover / inc Sub Contractors
  • 24 Hr Legal Helpline

Public Liability Cover

Builders Insurance public liability cover will protect you against injury to a third party or damage to third party property as a result of your activities as a business. For example, if a tool was dropped and a pedestrian was hit whilst walking past the building site of your project, you could be held liable for damages, legal fees and compensation. The same protection would apply if the tool hit a car or damaged another property. Builders Insurance Public liability cover is essential if you work in construction because it will pay out in the event that a mistake is made which causes injury to a third party or damage to a third party property.

Employers’ Liability Cover

As an employer of workmen, the health and safety of said employees whilst they are at work is your responsibility. Your staff may get injured at work or they may fall ill as a result of the work they have been doing whilst employed by you. The latter also applies to former employees.

If one of your staff or former employees believes they have been injured or become ill as a result of the work they have done whilst employed by you then they might try to claim compensation from you. The Employers’ Liability Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of Builders Insurance cover against any claims. Motor accident injuries to employees whilst they are working for you may be covered separately by your motor insurance.

Deciding what kind of cover you need can be complicated. We, at Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best quote so you don’t need to worry.

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