Business Interruption Insurance

Many small businesses that suffer a crisis, either directly or indirectly, do not have the resources or ‘back up plan’ to continue trading if disaster strikes and causes them to lose money.

Most business’s will purchase insurance to protect the physical assets of their business ie stock or contents cover but business interruption insurance is created to protect a business’s revenue.

For example if there was a fire that destroyed the contents of your business premises, with the damage caused it would be unlikely you would be able to trade for a period of time, your business would lose custom and also revenue, business interruption would cover your lost revenue.

Typically business interruption insurance policy cover:

  • Company Profits not earned during the interruption.
  • Temporary Relocation – Policies can cover the expense for moving to a temporary location.
  • Expenses – Reasonable expenses to allow the business to continue operation.

This cover should extend until the end of the business interruption. This is determined by the level of cover taken.

Deciding what kind of Business Interruption Insurance cover you need can be complicated. We, at Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best quote so you don’t need to worry.