Contents Insurance

Contents, Fixtures & Fitting’s & Stock Cover

Content Insurance will provide insurance for all of your stock, equipment, fittings, fixtures and general contents that you may have within your business premises.

Depending on your business type this would give you cover for refrigeration, stands, shelving, and other fittings you may have against any loss.

Electrical office equipment such as electronic tills, computers and PDQ machines can be covered within your cover to offer greater protection.

Shop contents insurance gives you the option to vary the cover you want to be protected against fire, flood and theft.

Obviously the stock within your shop plays a major part within your business, just think about how much your home contents is insured for and then imagine how much more it may need to be for your business premises, if your stock is not adequately protected you are leaving yourself at risk, would you have the funds or means available to be able to replace it?

Deciding what kind of Contents Insurance cover you need can be complicated. We, at Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best quote so you don’t need to worry.