Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance

“Save a Fortune On Your Fleet Insurance By Following These 3 Crucial Tips””


1. Not providing (or hiding) your information: If you hide information on NCB’s, what the vehicles are being used for, the security on the vehicles and where they are parked overnight that impacts on the pricing and you will always be rumbled. Remember it is incumbent on you to provide all the information however unfortunate it may be and all brokers and Insurance always cross reference. Deliberately withheld information may invalidate the policy in the event of the claim

2. Make sure your insurer is getting the right access: Your provider must have access to the best on-screen underwriter’s rates along with those from the Lloyds of London Specialist fleet underwriters. We secure market leading rates no matter what size your fleet. We have access to more fleet insurers than the AA or RAC – We know who they are and the best places to go!

3. Not understanding exactly what you are buying: We speak your language, talk to you jargon-free and will not lose you in wordings that confuse. Basic English never hurt anyone unless it was intentionally designed to confuse. Remember, some Insurers only offer rates to those who already have no claims bonus. Dependent on your company size we can arrange any variation of cover to look after a mixture of your vehicles: Car, HGV’s CV’s, fork lift trucks and plant – We take the hassle out of buying fleet insurance.


If your business has 3 or more vehicles then you should consider taking out a fleet insurance policy to save money and administration. This means that you can cover all of your drivers and vehicles on one insurance policy, this saves you the inconvenience of separately insuring each vehicle. Trident Business Insurance will work for you to find you the best deal on fleet insurance for your business’s vehicles.

Our core Fleet Insurance covers:

  • Any driver policies
  • Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Business use
  • Private No Claims Bonus Acceptable
  • Mixed Vehicle types allowed ie car, van, lorry.

By having fleet insurance rather than individual policies for each of your vehicles, the total cost of your insurance could work out cheaper because you should be rewarded by your insurer for effectively bulk-buying your insurance. Not to mention that vehicles on a fleet insurance policy are easier to administer than those which are insured separately.

Having fleet insurance will also allow you to insure all of your drivers to drive all of your vehicles. This will allow you to be more productive as a business by allowing any driver to drive any vehicle, this means there is no need for a driver to wait for a particular vehicle before they can continue their work.

As with car insurance, insurers offer different levels of fleet insurance to fit your needs. For example, you can get ‘third party only’ protection which is a cheap policy. This doesn’t provide cover your business, driver or vehicle and only covers any damages you may incur to a third party. ‘Third party, fire and theft’ insurance would give you the same cover as ‘third party only’ protection but covers you if your vehicle/s are stolen, damaged by fire or destroyed. This costs more than ‘third party only’ cover. Fully comprehensive fleet insurance will give you all the protection as above but also covers you for damages or injury sustained by yourself. This form of fleet insurance costs the most.

Some fleet insurance policies may also offer extras like vehicle breakdown cover, legal expenses benefits and windscreen protection. These are optional so you can choose whether you would like these covers if you want your premium to be cheaper.

By choosing Trident Business Insurance to help you find a quote we will get you the best deal on your fleet insurance so you can have peace of mind about your business’s vehicles and drivers.

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