Own Plant and Hired In Plant Insurance

With Trident Insurance, it’s simple and easy to cover your own plant and hired in plant machinery.

Plant hire insurance

If you hire-in plant and equipment, you are responsible for that equipment and more often than not the company you are hiring from will insist that you have insurance cover in place for their equipment in the event that it gets damaged or stolen.

Whether they are in transit or at the building site, hired plant insurance covers your legal liability of your hiring agreement. This will pay compensation for theft or damage to hired-in plant, it includes defence costs and continuing hire charges.

Own plant insurance

You can also cover your own plant, much like tool cover but on a larger scale, it provides cover for accidental loss, or damage to an item of your plant. A key feature of the policy is theft. Unfortunately even with your best efforts at securing your plant, it can be a target for thieves, and if you are mid job not only will the loss of a piece of plant severely interrupt work being completed, but the financial impact could be disastrous.