Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance or Engineering Insurance

As a manufacturer could encounter a wide range of risks more complex than those that you might encounter if you were based in an office or commerce. You’ll have stock and probably machinery. You may employ staff, who use computers and transport. You will need cover for your staff, assets and liabilities. You’ll be amazed at how much having the peace of mind that you are fully covered will help you and allow you to get on and be productive as a manufacturer. Trident Business Insurance are here to find the best manufacturing insurance.

Our core Manufacturing Insurance covers:

  • Machinery and Equipment cover
  • Stock
  • Public and Employers Liability
  • Business Interruption

Factory Property Insurance

It is important that if you have a factory or a building where you are manufacturing your products that it is insured in the event of disasters like fire, lightning and gas explosions.

Factory Contents and Buildings Insurance

Your building where you are manufacturing should be covered for its rebuilding cost. You may need need expert advice to calculate this. You should also be covered for the total value of your stock. Your machinery and equipment should also be insured in the event that they become faulty and need repairing.

 Factory Insurance Engineering Cover

In a factory you need to be covered if you have an mechanical or electrical breakdown. This would encompass most machinery, including computers on the factory premises. Our insurance will also make sure that items like lifts, boilers and lifting machinery are inspected regularly.

Product Liability Insurance

This cover ensures that you are protected against legal liability you may face as a result of one of your products which causes an injury or loss to a person or business.

Deciding the level of manufacturing insurance required is best me by talking to one of our business advisors.

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