Office Insurance

Office Insurance

Office Insurance

It’s important to choose an office insurance policy that will adequately cover you in all of the key areas. Trident Business Insurance will make finding a quality policy easier and at a good price as well.

Our core Office Insurance covers:

  • Computer Equipment
  • Contents
  • Computer Records Replacement

Buildings Cover

Buildings cover will insure the rebuilding cost of your business premises is covered in the event of flooding or a fire. You are responsible for this if you own the property but it is likely to be covered by your landlord if you are renting your premises.

Contents Cover

Similar to a home insurance policy, you should be insured for the contents of your business premises in the event they are damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed. You need to specify the value of your contents to us whilst we are getting you a quote to ensure you will be adequately insured.

Shop Front Cover

You can add specific cover to your policy to cover windows, awnings and signage for example. This is important if your office’s front is exposed to the premises.

Stock Cover

If you wish to insure any stock which is stored on the premises, then this must be identified separately from your contents as it is insured separately.

Whether your business is small or large, a good office insurance policy will give you peace of mind and allow you to be as productive as possible. We at Trident Business Insurance will work with you to find an insurance policy for your office which fits your needs best.

It is important to choose an office insurance policy that will adequately cover. Trident Business Insurance will make finding you a quality policy easier.

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