Salon Insurance

Hair, Beauty and Tanning Salon Insurance

What Insurance Does A Hairdresser, Beautician or Salon Need?

A hair and beauty salon, just like a traditional shop needs insurance that will cover you, for example, in the event that a piece of equipment becomes damaged to the extent it is un-usable or your salon is broken into and you need equipment and products replaced as soon as possible so you can continue to function as a business.

Our core salon insurance covers:

  • Injury to Clients
  • Damage to Contents
  • Equipment or Stock by Flood, Fire or Theft
  • Damage to Electronic Equipment
  • Injury to Staff, Prosecutions, Tribunals

Our Hair, Beauty and salon insurance policies cover hairdressers, barbers, unisex hairdressers, nail bars, tanning salons and beauty salons. At Trident Business Insurance we work with you and for you to find you the very best cover for your hair and beauty salon which best fits your needs as a business.

Injury To Clients

If your treatment were to damage a person’s skin or eyes, it could result in lasting damages that could lead to both entitlement for physical injuries to the client but emotional trauma as well. By using Trident Business Insurance to find you the best deal on your hair and beauty salon insurance you will be covered in the unfortunate event that one of your clients claims for entitlement due to injury.

Damage to Contents

If business is going well in your hair and beauty salon, the last thing you want is to have to slow down because of a faulty piece of equipment. The insurance deal you get from Trident Business Insurance will make sure that this is not the case. Your equipment will be repaired or replaced so that you can get back to business as soon as possible subject to you having business interruption cover included.

Equipment or Stock by Flood, Fire or Theft

In the unfortunate event that your hair and beauty salon is broken into, finding nothing to have been stolen can sound like a good thing. Your equipment and/or stock could have damaged though and this is where Trident Business Insurance come in. We will make sure that the insurance deal we provide you with will cover you in the event that your equipment and/or products have been damaged. That’s not to say that you will not be covered if you find that your equipment and/or products have been stolen. You will also be covered for damages by flood or fire to your equipment and/or products.

Injury to Staff, Prosecutions and Tribunals

By using Trident Business Insurance to cover your hair and beauty salon, we will make sure you are insured if a member of staff is injured and claims for entitlement. We also know that the possible prosecutions and tribunals which may follow can be stressful and complicated but you will be covered for these as well via your employers liability cover.

These are all disasters which could harm your business and could lead to closure. The right insurance could minimise the disruption to your business. Whatever your business size and whatever your treatments or therapies, we will provide a insurance  tailored to your business needs. If you just require simple insurance cover we will not complicate or force you to take unnecessary extras. Whether you are a mobile hairdresser or have a chain of beauty salons make sure you are covered adequately by calling us today.

Deciding what kind of salon insurance cover you need can be complicated. We, at Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best quote so you don’t need to worry.

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